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Lessons From A Century After The Flu Epidemic Of 1918: How Conventional Medicine Killed Millions And How Homeopathic Medicines Saved Millions

Every fall and winter, the media begins pumping stories about why you should be afraid, even very afraid, of the flu. Here is an article by Dana Ullman that shows historically, how homeopathy has helped during flu epidemics. Source:Spirit of … Continue reading

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Preventing cold and flu with probiotics

This short video recorded last year explains the benefits of probiotics during the cold and flu season.  Dr. Gary also discusses other helpful hints to lessen your chances of getting sick this winter.

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Help for colds and flu

Cold and Flu season has arrived.  Here are a few homeopathic and lifestyle suggestions to help your whole family this winter. Click here for more info and to purchase.

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Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

Here is the recording of  the lecture  Preparing for Cold and Flu Season  Dr. Gary Kracoff presented on Tuesday, November 7 . It was a discussion on natural options to prepare your whole family for the upcoming cold & flu season. Recommendations … Continue reading

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How to wash your hands to kill germs

One of the best ways to prevent getting sick is to wash you hands properly.  This not only includes the proper washing technique, but also making sure you don’t reinfect your clean hands when you leave the bathroom. This video … Continue reading

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