Help for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis

Many women are exercising regularly, eating a clean, well balanced diet, taking their vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium and still their bone density keeps going down.  probonoMany times they are told their bone loss it is genetic, and they are doing everything they can to address the bone loss.

There are many nutrients that are necessary for the body to absorb calcium and magnesium and build and maintain bone density. If any of these are missing, the body may have trouble maintaining bone density.

ProBono is a product that is a multi-faceted bone building formulation.  It has been shown to:

  • increase skeletal strength
  • promote healthy bone density
  • improve bone remodeling
  • provides a comprehensive blend of foundational micro-nutrients

Click here for more information about Pro Bono and how it may help you.



About drgaryk

Dr. Gary Kracoff is a registered pharmacist with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine who provides in-depth consultative services at Johnson Compounding & Wellness. Gary’s guiding philosophy is to treat the person as a whole, not to chase symptoms. He focuses on finding the “why” to what is happening physically and mentally, and works with individuals to restore balance in the body. Gary frequently lectures at pharmacy, medical, and health-oriented conferences. He is an educator at the Academy of Integrative Medicine, conducting two-day seminars for health care professionals twice a year. Gary also serves on the faculty of the Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy.
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