Vaccine Effectiveness- Dr. Richard Moskowitz MD.

Here is the next excerpt from: VACCINES: A REAPPRAISAL by Dr. Richard Moskowitz

The measles vaccine was spectacularly successful but unnecessary, since the disease had already evolved from a killer into a normal disease of childhood, so that vaccinating kids deprived them of the vital health benefits of coming down with and recovering from the acute disease, just as the mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and flu vaccines have done.

The decline of serious diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough are also widely attributed to vaccines, despite the consensus of most epidemiologists that improvements in hygiene, sanitation, and public health deserve most if not all of the credit.

At the same time that the polio vaccine made its debut, the CDC quietly redefined infantile paralysis to exclude all but the severest cases, leading the public to believe that the vaccine was solely responsible for the sharp decline in the number of cases that promptly resulted.

The chickenpox and rotavirus vaccines are directed against diseases that have never been very serious, in the developed world at least, and are marketed largely for economic reasons, to save working parents from the lost wages of having to stay home and care for their sick children.

The flu vaccine targets a disease that is sometimes if rarely fatal in the old and debilitated; but it was destined to fail, because influenza viruses mutate so rapidly, and because so many flu-like illnesses involve totally different viruses.

The rapid evolution of viruses and bacteria, resulting in the development of mutant strains, severely limits the effectiveness of many vaccines.

The H1B and the Pneumococcus are made from organisms that are part of our normal flora. In the wake of the pertussis vaccine, mutant strains have brought the disease back in a major way from the brink of extinction. The chickenpox virus has roared back as shingles in younger and younger age groups since that vaccine was mandated. Mutant strains of the polio virus have appeared in even deadlier form in several countries, including our own.

Another major problem with vaccine effectiveness is the inaccuracy of the specific antibody titer as a measurement of immune status, which has led to tragic miscalculations.  The CDC and the industry interpret the absence of antibodies to mean that the vaccine has simply “worn off,” leaving such individuals susceptible as before, and that added booster shots can dependably restore their level of immunity to the desired level.

But MMR recipients with measles titers below supposedly immune levels have been shown to respond only minimally to a booster shot.  One measles outbreak featured mild cases with pale rash, no fever, and minimal fatigue, mainly in vaccinated kids with no antibodies; the typical acute form was found in the unvaccinated, but also in vaccine recipients with high levels of antibody. These paradoxical findings indicate that vaccination involves an ongoing effect invisible to routine serological testing, and that revaccinating people with low titers puts them at risk of more serious reactions.

Case in point: a young lab tech developed severe chronic bronchitis after her second of three Hep B shots, but showed no antibodies four years later; so her new employer, believing her still susceptible, insisted on a second round. The result was chronic, autoimmune thyroiditis and several related complaints that left her permanently disabled; and her claim for compensation under the VICP program was denied under current Federal guidelines.


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