VACCINES: A REAPPRAISAL by Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Dr. Moskowitz has been a very active in the discussion about vaccinations and has a new book which will be published in 2017.

Here is a short description from his website about his practice:

I received my B.A. from Harvard in 1959, and my M.D. from New York University in 1963. After a Graduate Fellowship in Philosophy at the University of Colorado, I completed my internship at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver, and have practiced general family medicine since obtaining my license in 1967.

I became interested in natural therapies in 1970 as part of my home birth practice, and have continued to study and use them ever since. I have practiced homeopathic medicine since 1974, studying with George Vithoulkas in Greece, Rajan Sankaran and colleagues in India, and other teachers as well.

I see patients at my office in Watertown. My practice is focused on and more or less limited to education and consultation about the use of homeopathic medicines and other alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery. I do not write prescriptions, perform extensive diagnostic testing, provide inpatient home care, administer vaccinations or routine screening tests, execute legal documents, testify in court, or give disability evaluations.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

From Introduction.

“I want to invite my readers to think very carefully about vaccines and our present policy regarding them, not least because the concerns of parents who decide not to vaccinate are so rarely acknowledged or taken seriously.  As a family physician who has cared for many such children over the years, I cannot keep silent about the major epidemic of vaccine-related suffering and disability, sufficient to break any heart, that continues unabated, remains largely unacknowledged, and cries out at the very least for caution, restraint, and simple compassion for the viewpoint of those whose lived experience, whatever may have caused it, is so tragically different from that of everyone else privileged enough to be ignorant of or somehow unmoved by their loss . . .

In what follows, I make no claim to absolute truth or final answers.  I am a family doctor, not a research scientist, and at bottom I am trying simply to make sense of my own clinical experience.  What I offer is an ensemble of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, actual cases from my practice, and such reflections and hypotheses as have occurred to me and other colleagues in the field to try to explain and integrate them.  My aim is to provide an overview of the subject that will be accessible to a general literate audience, regardless of scientific training or background.  I will feel well rewarded if my words, my reasoning, and the commingled sadness, fear, and outrage I have long felt about this subject will help to promote a healthy debate, and to elicit more of the rigorous scientific work that still needs to be done.

I write with some sense of urgency, because the time-honored rights of patients to refuse unwanted medical treatment and of parents to make such decisions on behalf of their children are now being challenged as never before.  I am not a teetotaler who rejects all vaccines under all circumstances.  The essence of my position is simply that vaccines by their very nature have a major downside that has largely been ignored and indeed is built into their design, so that it is reckless in the extreme to continue mandating them, and indeed more and more of them without limit, until these dangers are taken seriously, understood in a broader context, and assessed in a more careful and systematic fashion . .”


Since this subject is so important, Dr. Moskowitz has released some thought-provoking information from many of the chapters in the book so we can start thinking, discussing this issue which has many people on each side of the vaccination question.

I will be posting his excerpts from each chapter of the book as they become available.  The purpose is to provide information.  Not pro or anti vaccination just an educated viewpoint.  It seems to me that many times we do not get good information from both sides of an issue.  How can we make a thoughtful, educated decision without quality information.

I hope many of you will comment here on the blog pages to help open a calm, fact filled discussion to help us be able to make an informed decision.  We all can learn more, and having a calm discussion is the most productive way.


About drgaryk

Dr. Gary Kracoff is a registered pharmacist with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine who provides in-depth consultative services at Johnson Compounding & Wellness. Gary’s guiding philosophy is to treat the person as a whole, not to chase symptoms. He focuses on finding the “why” to what is happening physically and mentally, and works with individuals to restore balance in the body. Gary frequently lectures at pharmacy, medical, and health-oriented conferences. He is an educator at the Academy of Integrative Medicine, conducting two-day seminars for health care professionals twice a year. Gary also serves on the faculty of the Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy.
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