SBI Protect-help for leaky gut and immune system issues

I usually do not talk about a specific product in this blog, but SBI Protect is a major leap forward for people suffering from leaky gut, imbalances in the digestive system, immune issues and toxicity. The clinical studies showed that after only eight weeks, that the markers for immune health in the gut were improved.

The GI tract acts as the gateway to the rest of the body, making the health of the gut barrier critical to overall health. Environmental triggers like poor diet, high stress and toxin exposure can lead to GI challenges. In practice, sbi protectprobiotics are a natural choice for supporting beneficial bacteria in the gut, but supplementation to eliminate unwanted microbes should also be considered. SBI has been shown to bind microbes and toxins, further enhancing microbiome balance and facilitating gut barrier strength. Broad-spectrum binding capabilities  demonstrate the positive influence of non-allergenic forms of immunoglobulins. As seen in several studies, SBI has the potential to bind many types of microbes and toxins. This binding and elimination decreases microbe and toxin encounters by the immune system and resets immune tolerance.

Occasionally, the immune system becomes overactive and immune tolerance drops. When immune tolerance is lost, the checks and balances of antibody production can be affected. To reestablish immune tolerance and appropriate activation, the burden on the immune system must be reduced. Reducing the reasons to respond allows the tissue to maintain normal inflammatory balance and creates an environment for normal tissue repair and immune reconstitution.

The body constantly encounters foreign substances and creates a healthy response and memory for those encounters.  One way the body establishes memory is through the production ofimmunoglobulins, also known as antibodies.  These allow the immune system to act quickly and efficiently in the event of a repeat encounter.  While the body naturally produces immunoglobulins, it can be beneficial to supplement with immunoglobulins for mucosal immune support within the GI tract.  By taking immunoglobulins, the burden and overload of unwanted microbes and toxins can be bound and eliminated prior to immune activation.  This can be beneficial when balancing a healthy immune response for those with immune and gastrointestinal challenges.  Serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin concentrate (SBI) is a highly concentrated form of immunoglobulins that helps to reduce toxic burden and maintain microbial balance, which enhances an appropriate immune response.  SBI Protect also contains transferrin, and iron-binding glycoprotein that facilitates iron absorption and protects against harmful organisms by depleting the environment of iron for microbial replication.


SBI Protect is the only purified, dairy-free source of immunoglobulin G (IgG) available as a dietary supplement. Serum-derived bovine immunoglobulins (SBI) provide the highest IgG concentration available for GI and immune challenges where allergens are a significant concern. Pure IgG helps to maintain a healthy intestinal immune system by binding a broad range of microbes and toxins within the gut lumen. SBI Protect provides 1,200 mg IgG in a one-scoop serving.

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How to detox safely and effectively

I presented “How to detox safely and effectively” on March 20th at Johnson Compounding & Wellness.    It was a cold night, and we all enjoyed some detox tea with local honey before the lecture.

Detoxification is the body’s process of removing toxic substances.  It is NOT a food, diet or pill.  It is an ongoing, vital process that your body does 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • The average woman is exposed to 126 unique chemical ingredients daily through skin care products
  • CDC’s report in 2006 found that the average American has 116 of 148 synthetic compounds tested for in their body
  • EPA biopsy studies of chemicals stored in the fat of human beings show 100% of people studied contained dioxins, PCB’s, dichlorobenzene and xylene.

We had a full house at the lecture, and the discussion continued up stairs in the health and wellness center as Gary, Bridgitte, John, Jenna and Flores answered questions, helped attendees with product selection.

Here is the recording of Dr. Gary Kracoff as he explains how to support your body to help it detoxify every day of your life.

To book a consultation in-office, by phone or webex meeting, click here.

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Understanding Inflammation; From Leaky Gut to Heart Disease

When presented: Tuesday January 23rd, 2018

Location: Johnson Compounding & Wellness 577 Main Street Waltham, MA 02452

Dr. Gary Kracoff discuses the link between inflammation and many common health conditions. Inflammation can be helpful, or lead to disease, and understanding how to help your body can mean the difference between healing or disease formation.

Leaky gut, joint pain, fibromyalgia, eczema, allergies and heart disease all have an inflammatory component that needs to be understood and dealt with appropriately.

Understanding how inflammation can help or impair the healing in our body is the first step in learning how to manage inflammation properly, so everyone can be healthier and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Gary discusses helpful lifestyle and diet changes along with protocols that can help your body get back into balance and be healthier.

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What your DNA can tell you and how to use this information

What your DNA can tell you and how to use this information lecture was the first lecture at Johnson Compounding and Wellness kicking off the our fall lecture series.  Almost every seat was taken.  Dr. Gary discussed what gene SNPS are, what they tell us and how this information can be used to help with current health issues.  Also discussed was how this information can be used to help maintain  health as the years roll on.  Genetics, epigenetics and methylation were discussed.

Also discussed was what is involved, the process for analyzing the data and what can be accomplished.

Here is the recording of the presentation.

Click here for DNA test kit order form.

Feel free to contact Dr Gary at 781-893-3870 x2 or if you have any questions.

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Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

Here is the recording of  the lecture  Preparing for Cold and Flu Season  Dr. Gary Kracoff presented on Tuesday, November 7 . It was a discussion on natural options to prepare your whole family for the upcoming cold & flu season. Recommendations for infants through seniors will be discussed

Areas to be discussed include:

  • How to help your immune system
  • Helpful lifestyle suggestions
  • Nutritional support
  • Homeopathic support
  • Herbal support

This lecture is held at Johnson Compounding & Wellness 577 Main St Waltham, MA

Please feel free to call me at 781-893-3870 x 111 if you have any questions.


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The Secrets Your DNA Holds: Genetics 101

Thanks to the advances in technology, a simple saliva test can measure 602,000 pieces of


a person’s DNA. This is important because everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA. Because variants can impact an individual’s ability to make and use different nutrients critical for circulatory, immune and even emotional health, everyone is susceptible, in their own unique way, to potential health implications.

Genes are passed from parent to child—one copy from the mother and one copy from the father—with each cell containing a set of genetic instructions. When an existing cell divides to make a new cell, it copies the set of genetic instructions. However, sometimes these instructions are copied incorrectly, like a typo, which leads to…(more)

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From Chapter 3: Vaccine Safety. Dr. Richard Moskowitz MD

From Chapter 3: Vaccine Safety.

According to the established standards of biomedical science, almost all  of the industry’s safety trials are fundamentally defective in three critical respects.

Instead of inert placebo, their so-called “control” groups receive either the highly reactive adjuvant or a different vaccine entirely.

The observation period for serious adverse events is very brief, rarely longer than a few days, such that life-threatening autoimmune illnesses, which often take weeks, months, or even  years to develop, are automatically excluded from consideration.

Third, the lead investigator is given unlimited authority to determine whether or not the reported adverse events are vaccine-  related, based on criteria that are kept secret.The result is that only a vanishingly tiny fraction of the deaths and serious injuries reported by the subjects themselves are considered seriously, let alone actually attributed to the vaccines.

The manufacturers’ unwillingness to specify the criteria used to reject these reports lends further credence to the suspicion that the lead investigator’s rôle is to make sure that the results conform to the manufacturers’ commercial agenda, to promote the vaccine as ideally safe and effective, and even to alter or fabricate the data if necessary.  A former drug-company Vice-President recently made it unmistakably clear that this corrupt scenario is actually the Standard Operating Procedure throughout the industry.

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